Assamese cuisine is a mixture of a lot of fresh vegetables and meat. The way of cooking this cuisine is very simple. It also carries an authentic taste of every ingredient. The geographical diversity of Assam gives you varieties of Assamese dishes. That has a very exotic and strong flavour. The diverse culture of Assam has also given many different dishes to this state.
These dishes carry the simplicity and authentic taste of Assamese Cuisine.

In Assamese cuisine, spices used very little and little cooking over the fire. To maintains the exotic and strong taste of every ingredient. The way of presentation of Assamese cuisine is also very unique. Starting from sweet dishes like Laru Pithas. And the curries of chicken and fish and magical dishes made from the Bamboo shoot. Ends with some Tenga (a sour dish).

A regular-sized bowl of rice or Bhaat, Tenga masor jhul, Chicken curry or mangshor jhul. Magical alu pitika is very common in Assamese Thali. Rice is a very common and most important ingredient of Assam. Including Breakfast, Lunch and dinner rice used in Assam. Fish and meat of Duck and Squab are very popular in Assamese cuisine. Without Khaar, meat curry, masor-tenga and lemon Assamese cuisine are incomplete. So let’s find out some tastiest and mouth-watering Assamese cuisine.


assamese cuisine

Khaar is liquid, this magical ingredient made by the varieties sun-dried banana tree. Khaar is also named as Kola khaar. Khaar is a very important dish of this cuisine.
khaar cooks with Papaya, Bamboo shoot, Black Daal (Vigna mungo), Bottle gourd, Onla, Narzi etc.

Masor Tenga

assamese cuisine

Masor Tenga is a mixture of Fish and sour. There are many ways to the cooking of masor tenga. For souring ingredients like tomato, lemon, tengamora paat (Roselle) etc. are common. But tomato and roselle are common ways of cooking masor tenga.

Alu pitika


Alu pitika is the most loving dish of every Assames people. Alu pitika or mashed potato with chopped mustard oil, onions, green chillies and fresh coriander. Yet, Assam has many different types of mashes made from different vegetables. It served as a side dish with rice and lentils.

Dhekia xaak

Dhekia xaak ( Fiddlehead fern) is also a side dish of Assamese cuisine. This dish is a fried dish with black beans and potatoes.


Pura related to roasted different varieties of vegetables, fish and meat. vegetables like tomato, potatoes, eggplant. different varieties of fish like puthi, rou, ari etc, and meat like pork, chicken, duck etc.

Masoor Dali.

Different varieties of dal used in Assam but masoor dal is very common. Masoor dali, alu pitika, slice lemon and rice is the best combination among people of Assam.

Duck meat

Duck meat is a very popular meat of Assam. Duck meat with Kumura (White Gourd) has a unique and exotic taste. Duck curry arranged with Kumura(White Gourd) is a heavenly should have during summer.


Pork is also high consuming and popular meat among people of Assam. Pork with Bamboo shoot is a very unique dish. This dish is very popular among the tribal communities of Assam. Bamboo-Shoot gives a unique flavour to this dish.

Pork is also prepared with tengamora paat (roselle) for giving a souring flavour in this dish. Pork with tengamora paat has a very unique and exotic flavour.

Chicken Curry

Without chicken curry Assamese cuisine is incomplete. Chicken curry of Assam has a different and unique taste. Because of the way of cooking with fresh vegetables and little spices. But many people prepare chicken with also bamboo shoot and it also very unique.

Mutton Curry

Mutton Curry or mangsor jhul is also a very common and popular dish of Assam. On every function of social gathering, mutton curry is must required. Mutton curry or mangsor jhul of Assam also carries a very rich flavour.


Snails, Pani Hamuk(Assamese) or water snail boiled with pumpkin. Assamese and other North-Eastern people eat snails. This kind of snails collected from the paddy field and may only found here. You need to suck out the snail of its shell.

Poita Bhaat

Poita Bhaat extra rice absorbed water with onion, chillies and crude mustard oil on top. Presented with alu pitika or crushed potato and Khorisa or Fermented bamboo shoots. It is the most favourite dish in hot summer days.


Larus is sweet balls also called laddu. these sweet balls prepared by coconut, sesame, rice etc. and often seen in Assamese cuisine.

Pitha is a snack of Assam prepared by using rice on the occasion of in Bihu days. Some pithas are deep-fried in oil and some others just cook on the hot pan. Some pithas are Til pitha, Xutuli pitha, Tekeli pitha, Tora pitha, Tel pitha, Sunga pitha etc.

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