Majuli Island of Assam.

Majuli (মাজুলী) Island is the largest river Island within the world. It’s placed within the river of the state. The which means of Majuli is that the land between 2 parallel rivers. Majuli becomes the primary island to form a neighbourhood of Asian nation. It had a zone of 880 sq. kilometres (340 sq mi) toward the beginning of the 20th century.

Majuli island has been the cultural capital of the state since the sixteenth century. supported written records visit of Srimanta Sankardeva. Majuli is that the home of “Neo-Vaishnava” Culture-based by Srimanta Sankardeva. Sankardeva was the founder of the medieval-age neo-Vaishnavite movement. Preached a believer variety of Hinduism referred to as Vaishnavism. And established monasteries and hermitages referred to as Satra on the isle.

majuli island majuli island

Majuli Island known for its Culture and Satras. there’s thirty-two Satra in Majuli and it makes Majuli the capital of Staras. Most visiting Satras of Majuli are Auni-ati, Kamalabari, Dakhinpat, Garamur, Samaguri, Bengena-ati and Natun Kamalabari.

The Majuli island is famous for its Bhaona(Drama) and masks creating.

Majuli island majuli island

“Bhaona” introduced by the “Srimanta Sankardeva”. to administer non-secular and cultural messages to the folks through diversion.

Mask creating is one amongst the foremost famed ancient crafts and still practised by folks of Majuli. Natun Chamaguri Satra has worldwide acclaim in creating masks.

The population of Majuli was 167,304 as per the Census 2011. Out of that 85,566 square measure males whereas 81,738 square measure females. In 2011 there have been total 32,236 families residing in Majuli Circle. The population of Majuli square measure the social group folks, non-tribal and scheduled castes. The social group Communities square measure Mishing, Deori, Sonaowal Kacharis. The non-tribal castes together with Ahoms, Koch, Kalitas, Chutiyas, Keot, Yogis etc. And the scheduled cates square measure like Kaivartas, the Brittial Banias.

The main language of Majuli is Assamese, Mishing and Deri language. 70% population of Majuli belongs from the “Mishing tribe”. They came here from Arunachal Pradesh centuries ago.

majuli island


Ferry service that connects Majuli to Jorhat town.  Night super buses keep between Guwahati to Majuli via Lakhimpur. Modernism has touched this island. With the medical centres and academic institutes and Housing too.

Today Majuli is on the danger. The river already destroyed quite 1/2 Majuli. But still, folks of Majuli square measure troubled for his or her life and you’ll see each colour of life.

Every year the Brahmaputra River is destroying Majuli Island. Within the forthcoming thirty years, Majuli will be no more exits. If the govt. do not take any serious step to avoid wasting Majuli. The folks of Majuli face this downside once a year. If this downside could not solve then, yet, the folks of Majuli will move forward to a brand new life.


Written by Pramay

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