The word “Bihu” originates from the Sankskrit word “Bisub”. The word Bihu could be a mix of two-word ‘bi’ signifies “ask” and ‘hu’ intends to “give”. No matter wherever from the Word came. Bihu is the “National Festival of Assam”. Moreover, it assumes a big job within the Indian celebration. Assamese people praise 3 kinds of Bihu in a very year. Rongali or Bohag Bihu, Kati or Konagli Bihu and Magh or Bhogali Bihu.

Rongali bihu Celebartion Bihu             

Rongali Bihu is likewise known as “Xaat” Bihu implies seven Bihu. Celebrated within the middle of April month. The Word Rongali originates from the word Rong implies Happiness or diversion. when the primary rain of spiring Season. Rongali Bihu comes celebrated on the most day of Assamese New Year (Baishakh Month). Everyone observes Bihu wearing traditional Attires. They Sing folks Bihu melodies and entertainers Bihu Dance.

Kati bihu   kongali Bihu

Kati Bihu is likewise known as Konagli Bihu associated with the Agriculture of state. Kati Bihu Celebrated on the Kati month of Assamese Calendar or centre of October Month. This Bihu praised at evening time lighting lights or Saaki in several Places.

meji ghor

Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu praised throughout the centre of January. within the primary day of Magha Month of Assamese Calendar. This Bihu is celebrating by intake plenty of Assamese foods and Pithas(rice cake) made using the new rice. the youngsters commend this Bihu. Performing Bihu Dance and Song at the Uruka night(last night of Makar Sankranti). they are going through their night on MejiGhar or BhelaGhar. Mejighar created victimisation the dry bamboo and Banana leaves. They burn Meji Ghor the morning On the principal day of Magha month.

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