Kati Bihu is known as Kongali Bihu. The word kongali has come from the word “kongal” signifies ‘poor’ as a result of as of currently there is not loads to varieties food to eat. Kati Bihu celebrates throughout the time of relocation of the rice tree – Kati means that “cut”. This Bihu praised within the middle of Gregorian calendar month. within the principal day of Kati month of Assamese schedule. kati Bihu associated with the agriculture of Assam. This Bihu is permanently health of crops.

kongali bihu kongali bihu

People of Assam celebrates this Bihu within the already dark. individuals lightning lamps or “Saaki” in numerous places, particularly on the paddy. once the crops become golden on the paddy. individuals pray for the nice health of crops and that they use AN exceptional reasonably light-weight that’s “Akash Banti”(Sky Candle). This “Akash Banti” wont to pull in bugs from the farm and facilitate the crops to healthy and bugs free.

In this Bihu individuals of Assam worship, pray and welcome Goddes Laxmi Devi. individuals additionally light-weight Sakki ahead of Tulsi plant and ahead of Bhoral Ghar (Storeroom for food). This formal procedure continues for the entire Kati month.

Written by Pramay

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