Rongali Bihu Rongali Bihu or Bohag Bihu of Assam referred to as “Xaat” Bihu suggests that seven Bihu. The Word Rongali comes […]

Magh Bihu is to boot referred to as Bhogali Bihu. The word ‘Bhogali’ has come from the word “Bhog” means eating and enjoying. Magh Bihu celebrated in the middle of […]

Kati Bihu is known as Kongali Bihu. The word kongali has come from the word “kongal” signifies ‘poor’ as a result of as of currently there is not loads to […]

The word “Bihu” originates from the Sankskrit word “Bisub”. The word Bihu could be a mix of two-word ‘bi’ signifies “ask” and ‘hu’ intends to “give”. No matter wherever from […]


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