Shillong seems to be God’s canvas, with natural decorations of waterfalls, pine trees, gardens, peaks and pleasant whether. It resembles the highlands of Scotland with its natural splendour and thus was named ‘Scotland of the East’ by the Britishers. It is one of the most visited hill stations of India and the best among the natural beauties of the north-east.

Accommodation in Shillong:

In recent times, the tourism business within the hill-station is gaining extensive reputation. Owing to it, several staying options have been set up, which suits every visitor’s pocket. Royal Heritage and WelcomHeritage Roseville are the heritage hotels, while Pinewood Ashok, Shillong Club The, Alpine Continental Hotel and Pine Borough are popular hill resorts in Shillong. Budget travellers can book hotel-rooms at Polo Towers, Yalana Hotel, Center Point, Lake View Inn and lot more in a suitable corner of the town.


Location: Situated in the north-eastern state of India, Meghalaya, at an altitude of 1496 m. It is the political capital of the state. Shillong is around 104 km away from Assam’s capital Guwahati and around 658 km from Darjeeling.

Local weather: Shillong experiences nice local weather all year long, with temperature starting from 25 degree Celsius in summers to five degree Celsius in winters.

Known For: Peaks, waterfalls, lakes, gardens and churches.

Best Time To Visit: October to April.


Shillong Peak

shillong peak

At an altitude of about 6445 ft, the Peak is the highest point of Shillong. It is a famous picnic spot of the place, offering an amazing view of the natural splendours around the city and also a glimpse of the majestic Himalayas. It is a perfect recreation spot for the tourists, as it is a convenient 10m km drive from the city centre. It gives a ‘not-to-be-missed view’ of the brightly lit valley, as the Sun goes down the city’s periphery.

Wards Lake

wards lake of shillong

A scenic location, just out of a Bollywood movie, Wards Lake is the famous shoe-shaped lake of Shillong. One can enjoy a wide variety of fishes playing in the crystal clear waters, from the arched bridge. The green lawns surrounding the place and the diamond-studded sparkling lake under the sun’s rays with Shillong’s Botanical Garden and Shillong Club situated at proximity makes the lake a hot favourite among travellers.

Elephant Falls

elephant falls of shillong

The lofty treasure of Shillong, Elephant falls represents the name well, as it is gigantic but innocent like the princely animal. It is located at around 10 km from the city centre. Columns of water can be seen sliding down the green mountains through the hills, with thundering sounds, bringing the temperature down in the nearby areas and giving a breath-taking view to the onlooker. It is a perfect picnic spot at the areas near the lagoons.

Lady Hydari Park

lady hydari park of shillong

A beautiful park, named after the wife of ex-Governor of the State, is an ultimate place for rest and recreation. It preserves a beautiful Japanese garden abundant with a rich collection of roses and other flowers. It also has a small zoo housing the innate creatures of Meghalaya’s forests including Leopard cats and Hornbills.

Butterfly Museum

Butterfly mesuem shillong

Nature lovers, throughout their vacation in Shillong, should go to the Butterly Museum, which treasures a large number of delicate butterflies and moths.
Guests also can know in regards to the tribal tradition and heritage, displayed at Meghalaya State Museum.
This in style Golf Membership is positioned at an altitude of 5200 ft and is in contrast with ‘Glen-eagle Course’ in the United States.
The Club is one of the first 18 hole Golf Course in India. Guests usually go to its premises to have a panoramic view of the entire Shillong metropolis.

Umiam Lake

umium lake of shillong

Also referred to as Barapani(Large Water), Umiam Lake is a perfect vacation spot for journey seekers. It’s located 15 km from Shillong and is widespread for water-sports like Kayaking, Water biking and boating.

The fanatic can even try the horse-shoe formed Wards Lake, which is positioned on the coronary heart of the town. The lake premises supply a cool night stroll and the journey of sailing.


Wangala Festival

It is an annual harvest festival to collectively thank Saljog, the Sun God, for good agricultural produce. Prayers are offered to the Almighty, during the five-day festival, for peace and prosperity of the people. The festival is celebrated in October/November, following the age-old customs and traditions of the tribes. It marks the commencement of winter season. People wear colourful costumes during the festival and dance merely to the drum-beats.

Other major festivals celebrated in Shillong are Shad Suk Mynsiem in April and Nongkrem Dance Festival, in November, both of which mark happiness and contentment of a good harvest.


police bazar of shillong

Police Bazaar, Lewduh, Bara Bazaar are the major markets of Shillong where handicrafts made by the people of tribes and small-scale industries flourishing in the area. Bara Bazaar offers a huge variety of native agricultural produce like pineapples, honey, wild mushrooms, etc. Lewdah is the largest market of Shillong with retail businesses run by Khasi tribe women organizations.

Meghalaya Handicrafts and Khadi Gramudyog are the prominent places where you can get the speciality of the north-east, handwoven textiles like shawls and stoles, with intricate designs of flowers and borders.


Air: Shillong can be reached from Kolkata via flights from Shillong Airport. Guwahati Airport, around 100 km from Shillong, connects it to major parts of the country like Delhi, Imphal, Agartala, Kolkata, etc. Kolkata and Delhi have International airports to serve travellers from across the world. Rail: Paltan Bazaar Railway Station at Guwahati connects the city to major railheads of the country.

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