Shillong seems to be God’s canvas, with natural decorations of waterfalls, pine trees, gardens, peaks and pleasant whether. It resembles the highlands of Scotland with its natural splendour and thus […]

In case you can not discover causes to go to Shillong. The annual Cherry Blossom competition is certain to lure you. There is not any place higher than the calm. […]

Are you tired of your usual routine and want a break from work? Are you looking for a place with scenic views and a blissful experience? Don’t fret, your search […]

 Assam the land of blue hills and red rivers There are numerous places to visit in Assam. But before find out theme, let’s know little thing about beautiful Assam. Assam […]

Sivasagar This city holds special importance in Assam. Rangpur was the traditional name of this town. The first name of this city was ‘Kalansupar’ after the name of ‘Kalansu Gohain’. Who […]


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